Coffee Beans

Instant black coffee

Instant coffee is made from coffee beans that have been roasted and ground. Instant coffee was first invented in France 1881 by Alphonso Allais,  and today nearly 15% of the American population and 40% worldwide consume instant coffee. Me too. 🙋

There are many flavored varieties of instant coffee mixes for latte and mocha beverages.

A 236 ml/ 8 fl. oz cup of instant black coffee without milk or sugar contains;

  • Calorie 4-5 Cal
  • Potassium  200 mg
  • Magnesium  17 mg
  • Caffeine  57 mg

Health benefits of instant coffee; All coffee contains antioxidants and instant coffee is no exception, consuming the appropriate amount may help improve Attention, Alertness, Physical Performance and may also lower chances of heart disease.

Side Effects; Instant coffee if exceeded the daily drinking limits may increase the risk of bladder cancer, disturb sleep patterns and could decrease intestinal iron absorbtion if consumed with meal, so it’s best to if you drink your coffee at least 1 hour before eating. Source

Drip black coffee

Drip coffee got its name from the method through which it is made which is called drip brewing by using a coffee filter equipment or paper coffee filters.

  • Origin; Germany 1908 by Mellita Bentz
  • Method; Coffee paper filters, coffee filter equipment
  • Calorie; 2 cal per 8 fl.oz
  • Caffeine; 145 mg Per 8 fl.oz
  • Sodium; 5 mg
  • Potassium; 116 mg


Espresso is not an actual type of coffee, it is just the method through which it is made using a pressure coffee brewing device called an espresso machine. Any finely grinded coffee can be used to make an espresso.

  • Origin; Italy
  • Calorie; 1 cal per 3 fl.oz 2 shots
  • Caffeine; 154 mg Per 2 shots 3 fl.oz (44 ml)
  • Potassium; 104 mg
  • Sodium; 13 mg

Because espresso is the same as instant coffee or black coffee, the health benefits and side effects does not change, but extensive study carried out seems to suggest that drinking certain amounts of unfiltered or boiled coffee may lead to certain risk factors such as high triglycerides, LDL, and total Cholesterol levels, the study also adding that people with heart diseases should refrain from drinking more than 3 cups a day.


  •  40 % of world population consume instant coffee.
  • 15% of the American population consume instant coffee.
  •  Instant coffee was first invented in 1881 France by Alphonso Allais.


Safety limit of daily coffee consumption is 4 cups. Children should not drink coffee and expecting mama’s can have a cup and a half.

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