There come’s a time in life when you feel like there is nothing worth living for, all hope is gone, the simple act of living feels like a burden, you find pleasure in absolutely nothing, you feel worthless, clueless, hopeless and resentful.

You get lost inside your head which is the only place you want to be, the only place that has any real value to you at the moment, no one or nothing matters, you are slowly coming to a conclusion that maybe this world will be better off without you on it, you simply want to go to sleep and never wake up because the thought of waking up to face another day is something you are no longer willing to face.

You have this nagging feeling that you need to do something, this torture has to stop, all hope is lost, you are drowning deeper getting swallowed up by utter darkness.


Sir Winston Churchill once said “never give in. Never. Never. Never, if you are going through hell, keep going”.

Well I will say this to you, you are unique, you are beautiful, you are precious, you are wonderful, someone needs you, you are capable, you can do something about your situation today because you are strong!

I know right now you think that all is lost, I know, I’ve been there. Right now I want you to believe me that it will not always feel this way, whatever you are going through will pass, there are people out there that are going through far worse, just give time a chance to help you heal.

Take a look around you, be honest to yourself this very second, isn’t there something in your life that you need to be thankful for? Isn’t there a reason for you to at least consider living for?

My story

At the age of 22 I had to leave home and travel to another country with 2 kids both under age 3, it was a first for me living in a strange land, learning to speak a strange language with strange people all by myself, I was responsible for the lives of 2 little people with absolutely no help whatsoever , my husband lived 2000 miles away so I was on my own.

After a few years things started to get really tough with no one to talk to and no one depend on, I couldn’t take it any longer, I got depressed and felt that life wasn’t worth living anymore, I just wanted to give up.

Reality check

I went online one day and I searched for how to find hope, then I read somewhere that weighing the pros and cons of your life was the way to go, so I decided to take a reality check of everything in my life and I found that my answers were right in front of me the whole time I just couldn’t see it cause I was soo wrapped up in my own selfishness.


I realized that I had a responsibility to my kids, at that moment I realized that I loved them more then life itself,  I cared for them soo much to leave them in this world all alone, I decided that I was going to stop being selfish, my kids needed me and I was going to get strong and be there for them.


Christopher Reeves once said ” once you choose hope, anything is possible”.

So my dear friend I want you, no I need you to choose hope, because you are worth it. Whatever your case may be I want you to tell yourself that you can make it, that there are people who need you, who care about you, you are not going to let darkness bring you down, let light shine through you and be a blessing to someone.

God bless you